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The Ultimate Challenge for the BBC program The Code was solved on August 16th, in large part thanks to the work done on this site. You can read final thoughts and farewell from the participants here.(and also in the discussion section of this page) Please feel free to introduce yourself !

The winner of the finale, Pete (pdr77), can be seen here holding the trophy. A video of the finale is now shown on the BBC home page for the code, here.

This stage of the competition may have been solved, but it is still well worth attempting the puzzle yourself. Errata aside, it's incredibly well constructed and a thing of great beauty. I recommend the experience to anyone. If you're new here, don't know where to start, or want hints for places you're stuck (without spoilers) then go to: How to Crack The Code. With the exception of that page, THIS SITE IS NOT A GUIDE, but a record of our steps along the way, which only covers up to a certain point in the problem. While there is a wealth of useful information, be aware that many pages are incomplete and contain spoilers and/or mistakes. -pqg

A list of all the puzzles by page number can be found here.
Each puzzle is labelled by the page it appears on the PDF (Which can be downloaded here) with the first link for the left page and the second link for the right page.
Any puzzle in bold has been solved. All individual numbered answers can be found here.
Codebreaker's Bible pages have been labelled CBB. Pages that contain calendar dates have been labelled Cal and include their corresponding months.
Any thoughts on the whole book in its entirety can be discussed on The Ultimate Code page. You can view All Pages by selecting the option in the NavBar menu.

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If you've completed it and are itching for another challenge, check out come of our favourite Puzzle Links, and feel free to add your own.

BBC has recently uploaded a revised edition of the Ultimate Challenge book which contains corrections previously addressed in a published errata, and some more corrections which weren't highlighted. If you are working from a version downloaded before 12th September, it is recommended to update to the current version from